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Specialized Training, Planning, Leadership & Consulting

for a Sustainable Planet.


Our team provides organizational training and professional development to support visionary, action-oriented, and diverse leadership for a just, equitable and sustainable future. Aligning sustainability with your organizational values is critical to creating positive returns for your employees, organization and our communities.


  • Leadership
  • Development Board and Staff Retreats
  • Mindfulness based programs and initiatives


Our team works closely with our clients to create policies, plans, and programs that are ambitious, actionable and promote sustainability within your organization and our communities.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Sustainability Management Plans
  • Materiality Assessment
  • Climate and Resiliency Planning
  • Climate Action Implementation Plans
  • Program Management


Our team helps to identify and bring together diverse internal and external stakeholders to define what is important to your organization, customers, and community.Our expertise and partnerships promote programs that engage people of diverse backgrounds and drive real results for our clients.


  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Community Outreach and Public Participation
  • Public Relations
  • Public Education


Our subsidiary company, Adelante Medio Ambiente is leading a binational environmental effort to promote sustainability throughout Latin America.


  • Management Consulting
  • Environmental Planning and Reporting
  • Natural resource management
  • Outreach and Engagement

Mayela Manasjan believes in the importance of leading with her core values: Gratitude, Gentleness, and Generosity, and has worked diligently throughout her 18-year career as an Environmental Scientist and Advocate in local government to protect the environment for the benefit of all current and future generations. Mayela passionately serves on a variety of boards dedicated to engaging, educating and empowering communities on critical environmental issues. Among her environmental and sustainability achievements, Mayela was instrumental in developing and supporting Climate Action Plans that require 100% clean energy for the cities of Encinitas and Del Mar, California and is a proud recipient of the 2017 Climate Leader Award from the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative. Mayela has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Systems with an emphasis in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution from the University of California, San Diego, and a Master of Science in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego.


Commitment to Sustainability and our Communities

We support our employee’s efforts to make positive change in their communities and their profession by giving our time, talent and resources. Here are some of the ways we make a difference.


Community and civic organizations where we serve:

UC San Diego Extension, Adjunct Faculty

UC San Diego Division of Physical Sciences, Board member

UC San Diego Environmental Systems program, Mentor and Supervisor

City of Del Mar Sustainability Advisory Board, Vice Chair

City of Carlsbad Community Development Block Grant, Citizen Advisory Committee

Climate Reality Project, San Diego North County Chapter Co-Chair

Climate Reality Project, Speaker and Mentor

San Diego Energy District Foundation, Board member

Association of Women in Water, Energy and Environment, San Diego Regional Team Leader

Global Climate Action Summit, Green Team

I Love A Clean San Diego, former Board Chair

Sierra Club North San Diego County Coastal Chapter, former Vice Chair

Municipal Management Association of Southern California (MMASC), former Co-Chair of San Diego Regional team

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Providing the Leadership Is Easy.

About Our Team

Focused on our client’s success.

The Manasjan Consultancy has a team of exceptional and results-driven leaders who are dedicated to sustainability and make exceptional service and quality possible. Our team is eager to learn, open to new ideas and technologies and we’re here to provide our clients with the tools and expertise needed to actively manage your organization’s environmental and social impacts.


Sustainability Presentations & Workshops

When it comes to sustainability, let your values lead the way.

Your organizational values reflect what is important and provides the foundation for all your decisions and goals. When you align your organizational values with your sustainability goals, you create a shared vision, more energy and a sense of fulfillment because everyone is leading from what is most important.

In this workshop, we will identify your organizational values, define and connect with them and explore ways to manifest your organizational values to achieve your sustainability goals.


The Manasjan Consultancy is a carbon neutral company. We offset all of our travel through The Good Traveler.

We encourage you to offset your personal and business travel through The Good Traveler.


Envisioning a Sustainable World

Subscribe to our NEW Tiny Climate Challenge Podcast! A podcast dedicated to helping busy people save the planet by completing one simple eco-challenge at a time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How to Create a Sustainable Future!

How will being sustainable benefit my business?

There are lots of ways in which being more sustainable will help your business. It will help you become more efficient, improve your brand value and reputation, provide a platform for innovation, help attract and retain staff, achieve better growth, cut costs and strengthen stakeholder relations.

What is a materiality assessment?

A materiality assessment is an exercise in stakeholder engagement designed to gather insight in the relative importance of specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.  The insight is most commonly used to inform sustainability reporting and communication strategies, but it also is valuable to strategic planning, operational management and capital investment decisions.


What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases produced by a particular human activity.  It can be a broad measure applied to the actions of an individual, organization, community or entire nation.

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a credit for greenhouse gas reductions achieved by one party that can be purchased and used to compensate (offset) the emissions of another party. Carbon offsets are typically measured in tonnes of CO2-equivalents (or CO2e) and are bought and sold through a number of international brokers, online retailers and trading platforms.

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